Section B:

Delete paragraph beginning "We also recognise that the No2EU-YestoDemocracy coalition..."

In para beginning "We note that there have been developments..." delete "post No2EU" and replace in second sentence "have arisen out of" with "include"

In para beginning "We welcome these developments..." delete "post-No2EU".

In  para "Furthermore, we will campaign..." reword to read " for any electoral coalition which emerges to be open, inclusive, fully democratic and without bans and proscriptions."

In para beginning "At the same time, the SA will ...", delete "both inside and outside post-No2EU developments".

Add new para:
"The SA will attempt to intervene in any trade union initiative such as the RMT’s conference on working class representation along the lines of its own socialist politics, in particular to challenge the nationalist bent of CPB-inspired fronts, and to emphasise the unity of all workers and for the free movement of labour."


Proposed: Gerry Byrne