IN ATTENDANCE: Gerry Byrne; Pete McLaren; Toby Abse; Dave Landau


MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – agreed as correct

MATTERS ARISING – Dave Landau reported that the Traveller Solidarity Network, as part of its campaign ‘Fight For Sites’, had organised a Demo for October 19th

CORRESPONDENCE – The following items were circulated:

a) SA Letter to CNWP re- “Putting CNWP on ice” b) SA Follow up letter on (lack of) Left Unity, and coverage of it in Weekly worker (3 copies); Responses to SA letter from AWL, tUSP and Weekly Worker (3 copies) c) TUSC – Recent Bulletins d) Post Office – PO Box Renewal Notice (£222) e) AGS – Green Socialist Summer 2012; Newsletter July 2012; f) Unity Trust Bank – Copy of ‘In Unity’ g) Electoral Commission – Prioritising Regulatory Activity

MEMBERSHIP – it was agreed to use the AGM Notice to chace up membership

FINANCE – Pete McLaren reported a balance of £170.08

COMMUNUICATIONS – Gerry Byrne offered to set up a Facebook group

REPORT FROM AFFILIATES – Toby Abse reported the recent AGS meeting had heard a report back from the Instanbul Conference the AGS had attended

LEFT UNITY – Pete McLaren read out the eventual responses from the CPGB, AWL and tUSP, none of them suggesting ideas for future activity or communication, although the AWL did commit to left unity. He circulated copies of our letter as it appeared in Weekly Worker. It was agreed that, as the response to both our letters had either been non existent or fairly negative, there was no future in trying to pursue left unity through the Left Unity Liaison Committee

AGM – agreed as Sunday December 2nd, 3pm


Pete McLaren circulated written reports. The Steering Committee had been an interesting experience. He had now attended three meetings on behalf of the ISN. The RMT, SWP and SP had attended all those meetings. There had been useful discussions about the Council and recent By-election results. Attempts were being made to work with the CPB and Respect, although neither seemed too keen on close cooperation. It had been agreed to set up a Commission (working group) to discuss a future structure for TUSC, and he had been elected as the ISN delegate. He would use that position to argue for greater democracy and wider involvement. He had presented the interim report to the TUSC Conference the previous day, summarising the seven submissions so far received, and motivating the Rugby TUSC specific proposals to gain participation and representation at national level from supporting political groups, TUSC branches and TU branches – and for individual membership to be considered. The September ISN meeting had been well attended, and had spent some time pursuing ways TUSC branches could be set up – he personally felt this was the key to opening TUSC up, and he urged SA members to do as he had done in Rugby and meet with a couple of local socialists to set a TUSC branch up.

The following were amongst points made in the discussion which followed:

§ The TUSC Conference had been positive and there had been a balance of speakers

§ There had been universal support for a new left party

§ The RMT made it clear that, although they fully supported TUSC, they needed other trade unions to get on board or, according to RMT President Alex Gordon, they might have to reconsider

§ We need to be careful the RMT don’t promote an anti EU line

§ There was clearly some opposition from the SP to Socialist Resistance joining the TUSC Steering Committee, and the right of organisations on the SC to a veto was a concern

§ TUSC’s lack of structure means it is grinding to a halt, although the ISN could prevent that

§ Building TUSC branches could be the way to build bottom upwards democracy and thus move TUSC forwards

§ We need to devise a way of creating individual membership of TUSC whilst giving sufficient proportional weight to large organisations like the RMT, SP, and SWP

§ The Anti Capitalist Initiative is promising. Seventy attended a recent national meeting, many of them young. Discussion was open and inclusive. There was however some hostility to what was seen as left trade union bureaucracy, including the NSSN and STA

§ Respect seems to be virtually finished, partly due to Galloway’s outbursts

§ Socialist Resistance was talking about building a broad Conference of the Left, working with Andrew Burgin and Kate Hudson from STWC

§ The use of the veto on TUSC’s SC prevented TUSC having a London mayoral candidate

§ All SA supporters should be busy building local TUSC/TUSC related branches in their localities


Pete McLaren agreed to notify all members and recently lapsed members. Resolutions would be due in two weeks beforehand, amendments one week before, as usual. A £10 Conference Fee was agreed, with anything left over after room costs repaying travel of over £10

Pete McLaren