IN ATTENDANCE: Glen Kelly; Greg Maughan; Hannah Sell; Terry Pierce; Pete McLaren; Dave Nellist; Francesco Paris

APOLOGIES: Roger Bannister; Gerry Byrne; Clara Paillard; Andy Price


Dave Nellist reported on the history of how NO2EU developed and how increasingly socialist groups and individuals came on board – he mentioned the ISG, SA, Solidarity and part of Respect. The election result, if taken with that of the SLP, was not too bad after 9 weeks. He had since asked all local TUCs to host meetings on the need for a new workers' party, with some success.

Dave Nellist and Hannah Sell reported on discussions earlier that afternoon within the NO2EU Core Group – the SP, RMT, AGS, CPB and Nick Wrack.

  • It was agreed to hold meetings in support of an Irish No Vote on the Lisbon treaty, regionally and within the TU movement.
  • The RMT Conference had backed the RMT initiative with no votes against – so it did have the support of the RMT rank and file.
  • A Left Electoral Coalition was now being discussed for the General Election with a "class based electoral title" – an electoral block with support from trade unions and left organizations.
  • It was hoped there would be agreement on a number of key demands, but supporting organisations will also have to the freedom to promote their own programme – a federal arrangement similar to how the SA operated in 2001.
  • The steering group may be widened to include other supportative organisations, like the SA after the next core meeting on September 1
  • There will be a national convention on the crisis in the lack of working class political representation in the autumn, and the RMT was hoping for support for that from other TUs including the PCS, FBU, and POA.
  • Some TUs may not be able to give official support, but individual NEC members would do.

Points made in the discussion included the following:

 · No2EU was not democratic and had nationalistic policies

 · The CNWP should be able to address any national convention

 · We need local campaigns, such as to defend the welfare state – how would they fit in?

 · It is important to get other TUs on board

 · The impact of No2EU was positive on a number of Trade union activists and leaders

 · UNISON is now beginning to question its link with Labour

 · The CNWP needs to retain its identity until a new Party is launched

 · The CNWP seems to have been put on the back burner whilst developments happen elsewhere

 · Are plans for the General Election likely to be much more developed than the co-ordination

achieved by the SGUC?

 · There have been many calls for a new Party, or at least to stand left candidates in a General

Election, but nothing has yet developed as a result of such calls

 · If a new Party does emerge after the General election, the CNWP will need to re-examine its role

 · The CNWP gained more members during the No2EU campaign than at any other time.

 · We need to target the TUC Conference in September

FINANCE AND MEMBERRSHIP Greg Maughan reported a balance of  £5,143. 229 of our 4,000 Supporters had so far become members. It was suggested that the CNWP contributes towards the General election campaign


The following were agreed:

  • Print a further 10,000 CNWP  €œBusiness Cards'
  • Update our main glossy CNWP leaflet and print 50,000 for use at TU Conferences etc
  • Produce a pamphlet on the attacks on the Welfare State, and use it to promote anti cuts candidates – Terry Pearce to co-ordinate
  • Hold a CNWP Fringe Meeting at the TUC Conference in Liverpool – in a central venue at around 5.30pm. We could use our leaflets and consider providing a Pack for TUC delegates on the need for a new workers' party. The meeting could be tailored towards the new Election Coalition if it is up and running by then
  • Produce a model resolution for Trade Unions on joint electoral work
  • Intervene at the National Shop Stewards Network Demo at the TUC Conference on Sunday Sept 13th
  • Produce Media Releases to coincide with the TUC Conference – Pete McLaren to draft


It was agreed that the Steering Committee would meet, as previously agreed, in Liverpool. Sunday Sept 13th was suggested to coincide with the NSSN Demo and the start of the TUC Conference. Hannah Sell to organise

It was further agreed that the next CNWP National Conference would be early in the New Year. It would be used to encourage CNWP Membership and mobilise for the new electoral coalition

Pete McLaren 21/07/09