It was reported that the 'Core group' of No2EU Supporting Organisations (RMT, SP, AGS AND CPB) had met twice since June. Progress had been gradual. The Core group had discussed

  • Forming a left coalition for the General Election
  • Standing around 100 candidates under a single name on an agreed platform
  • The Core group was broadening with the General Secretary of the POA and the PCS Vice President likely to attend the next meeting. It was hoped that other supportive political organisations would be involved in future discussions
  • The Conference on working class political representation had been organised by the RMT for Saturday November 7th
  • It was hoped firm decisions would be made at the next meeting of the 'Core group' on November 3, and that these would be reported to the November 7 Conference, and, if possible, an indicative vote taken

In addition, it was reported there were a number of local initiatives we should relate to, including Wigan, Salford, Bromsgrove, Wirral, Lewisham and Barrow. It was agreed to work with local campaign groups which would emerge once the severity of the public spending cuts became clearer.


  • It was agreed at the meeting that a name for the General Election Coalition was needed as soon as possible. There was general agreement that the name should refer to being socialist/trade union/workers/democratic/anti cuts
  • The CNWP would push the need for a new workers' party, and the need for the General Election coalition, at the Nov 7 Conference – including a leaflet and stall at the event, and at Socialism that weekend
  • It was agreed to campaign more actively on a local and national basis against the present and proposed public spending cuts, with an A4/5 leaflet for the RMT Conference and Socialism and, subsequently, an A3 broadsheet, and use the cuts as proof of the urgent need for a new workers' party
  • It was agreed to register the electoral title 'Defend Public Services' for any appropriate use by groups or independents
  • It was agreed to use the Blog on the CNWP web site ( to start the debate about possible structures and rules for a future Left Party. Pete McLaren to start the discussion off.
  • It was agreed to hold an officers meeting in December and an 'extended' Steering Committee Meeting on January 23 or 30 to include all paid up members of the CNWP, with a Members Bulletin sent out beforehand.
  • It was also agreed to hold an annual CNWP conference in June/July to build on the General Election developments
  • It was agreed to give full support to the CWU in their current dispute and promote this actively with leaflets and a Press Release

The resolution passed was as follows:

"The Steering Committee of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP), meeting in Birmingham on Sunday October 25th, state their total support for the Comunication Workers Union (CWU) strike action against cuts in pay, attacks on working conditions, bullying management tactics, threats to their pension fund, and privatisation.

The fact that these attacks are taking place under a Labour Government clearly demonstrates the need for a new Party to represent the interests of working class people."

Pete McLaren 25/10/09