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The venue will at the Ground Floor of 2 Langley Lane, London, SW8 1GB.

It is a five minute walk from Vauxhall tube station

So what is the TUSC Independent Network (ISN) and how can you join?

Independent Socialist Network

The ISN aims to bring together all socialists and trade unionists who are not members of existing socialist groups, who agree that we need a new working-class party committed to arguing the case for socialism. We believe that building TUSC is the best way of working towards that objective at this time.

The ISN aims to provide an arena for non-sectarian, comradely debate on the independent socialist left and to help organise the independents' participation in the discussion and practical process involved in building a new party. In our view, while there have been many reasons for the failure of previous left electoral projects, and we will all have our own view on this, one absent factor has been an organisation that can make the weight felt of the tens of thousands of independent socialist and trade unionist.

TUSC is currently a federal coalition bringing together senior figures in the RMT, PCS and NUT, and the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party. At present there is no mechanism whereby individual socialists and trade union members who are not also members of the SP or SWP can participate in the discussions and decisions about how to build TUSC and formulate policy.

The ISN aims to provide a way to involve independent socialists and trade unionists in TUSC. We hope that the ISN will become another partner in the TUSC coalition, with representation on the Steering Committee. This step was agreed in principle at the TUSC Candidates Conference on 16 July but is awaiting the ratification of the trade unionists who are on the TUSC steering committee but who were not able to attend the event itself.

The ISN is for individuals who are not members of existing socialist groups or parties. We understand that this may still leave comrades who are members of such groups and who support TUSC without a constitutional route to participate in TUSC at a national level. Clearly, this needs further discussion but it is up to the initiative of those groups to open discussions with the steering committee about how their participation can be achieved.

TUSC is not the finished article. It is a work in progress. With patience and comradely debate it can continue to build. It is self-evident that there will be many twists and turns in the journey towards a new working-class party committed to arguing the case for socialism.

We want the ISN to be both a political discussion and campaigning network. The job of creating the critical mass required for a new working-class party committed to arguing the case for socialism can only be done by reaching out to those in action. The ISN itself will also need developing and your help will be crucial in that. We hope to establish a network of local contacts up and down the country who will provide the basis for reaching the many independent socialists out there who see the necessity of a new party and also the need to organize beyond the existing far-left groups. Most importantly, consider whether it would be worth us holding an ISN supporters meeting in your area. We are willing to travel to meet anyone you think may be interested and speak to local independent socialists. We have attached a form to let you indicate if you would like one of us to visit.

We need a range of skills to help us build the ISN. Everyone has something they can offer. Web, copywriting and database skills are top of our agenda but also we will need people to speak at meetings, to meet local groups of independent socialists in their part of the country and to bring graphic and other design skills to the project. Crucially, we will also need a team of people to help distribute ISN material at national and regional events.

One small matter is how we are going to resource the ISN over the long-term. We have attached a standing order form for you to return to the ISN. If you have a digital bank account please consider setting up a regular payment but make sure you let us know that you have done it so that we can track your payment. We are asking you to give whatever you think is appropriate for you. We know that different people face different circumstances so we suggest amounts on the return form but leave it up to you to make that decision rather than setting up a formal levy at this point in time. Our first aim is to produce a high quality ISN leaflet for the autumn so that we can make our presence felt in as many places a as possible across the country in what is likely to be a period of significant industrial unrest and political debate. We also wish to set up a proper website and to publish a pamphlet on the need for a new party. We suggest that we discuss a subscription or membership fee at the ISN national meeting in the autumn.

Website, Twitter and Facebook

If you have local reports or articles that you want to publish on the ISN website then please let us have them. These days, websites are an easy way to reach people but we will have to rely on ours being driven by content provided by members rather than a central editorial team. We are happy to edit content but need you to provide copy about what is happening in your area. (These reports can also be carried in the TUSC Wingdings; mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">•in that is edited by us.)

We also have a Twitter feed – TUSCIndependent. If you are on twitter please follow us and suggest TUSCIndependent to others. By all means suggest Twitter comment by e-mailing to wsmcmahon@yahoo.co.uk..In addition we have set up an ISN Facebook page which we intend to launch when we have had our first national meeting.

Fill in the Form below and send it back to wsmcmahon@yahoo.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon.

Yours comradelyWill McMahon 07968 950223; 020 8525 6616 Nick Wrack nick.wrack@tooks.co.uk 07812 063 409

Independent Socialist Network return form

Thank you for joining the Independent Socialist Network – please let us have this form back by e-mail or post.

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I would like to be an ISN local contact

There are some people in my area who might be interested in the ISN please call me so we can discuss how to take it forward

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I can offer the following skills to help build the profile of the network:

Financial support

I can make the following monthly payment to help develop the work of the ISN:

£20 - employed – well paid

£10 - employed ok pay

£5 - low income

£1 - unemployed/benefits/on my uppers the moment

I have on-line banking and will set up a standing order to the ISN on-line.

I have filled out the standing order form below and have posted it to: ISN, 27 Adley Street, London, E5 0DY

PLEASE take out a standing order to support the ISN

Standing Order Mandate: Please print out, complete & return to: ISN, 27 Adley Street, London E5 0DY

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Independent Socialist Network

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