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2018 SA AGM agrees to continue promoting unity across the left, inside and outside the Labour party, on a class basis

Here is the motion passed in full:

"The Socialist Alliance 2018 AGM agrees to continue the broad political direction adopted at the 2016 AGM, and with the practical decisions taken at both the 2014 and 2016 AGMs. In doing so, the SA takes note of its size in terms of membership, and is thus realistic in terms of what it can influence.

In particular, the SA AGM accepts that

§ We are in a new situation and have been since the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership elections, coupled with the tremendous vote Labour under Corbyn achieved at the 2017 General Election

§ The Socialist Alliance should continue to see its small role as being to encourage and facilitate left forces to continue to work together in practice on the ground and to continue to argue for a socialist party uniting genuine socialist forces currently inside and outside the Labour Party.

§ This unity will continue to be the unity of left class struggle and anti-austerity forces, whether inside or outside the Labour Party. The SA rejects the idea that we should refrain from criticising or opposing Labour councils who impose cuts or other anti-working class measures

In practical terms, the SA

§ Agrees to donate £100 each towards the anti-austerity local election campaigns in 2018 of any anti-austerity candidates who have been a member of the SA at any time since its re-launch in 2004/5

§ Will continue to pay for the PO Box, and will continue to pay for the printing of socialist and labour movement groups as at present